Recent Work
Rosemarie is currently offering professional development sessions and creating programs for local educational and arts institutions while establishing Royal Swan Enterprises and its imprint, Alazar Press. A lifelong educator, Rosemarie has most recently served in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction for Elementary Education with Durham Public Schools where she created and ran the Office of Parent Involvement and the Parent Advisory Council for the Title I program. She is a founding member of the Strengthening Families Coalition in Durham whose focus is on advocacy training for families in both English and Spanish. She has been a part of the Duke Curriculum Project for years and is currently working on the Mariposa Project with the Duke Durham Neighborhood Partnership. Rosemarie has worked with the UNC Teaching Fellows Program, and supported the work of many graduate and undergraduate students from UNC through the Research Triangle Schools Partnership.

Community Support
Rosemarie’s work as a classroom teacher, special educator, and reading specialist served to support the workshop content she has offered to teachers in both Durham and Chatham counties over her years in North Carolina. Rosemarie’s work has been supported by grants from Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, Cannon Foundation, Triangle Community Foundation, various public education networks, Duke University Community Partnerships, North Carolina Arts Council, Durham Arts Council and others. Community events designed to use the power of stories to connect individuals to each other and to ideas is always central to her work.

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rosemarie holds a Special Education, B. A. from La Salle University and a M.Ed. in Reading and Psychology from Temple University. Abington Friends School in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania offered this recommendation when Rosemarie was relocating to North Carolina: “If you are familiar with the storytelling power of Scheherazade as she spun those tales that lasted a thousand and one nights or perhaps the spell-binding ability of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, then perhaps you will begin to have some small sense of the magic that Rosemarie Gulla can bring to an audience of children. Only by combining a love for the literature with a deep respect for the children in her care is this possible.”

Community Perspectives
A principal’s view: “Rosemarie is extremely knowledgeable in the area of teaching reading and highly gifted in leadership and organizational skills, but her soul is one of an artist, a storyteller. All children need a touch of magic and fantasy in their lives, particularly in the area of reading. It’s the kindling for a lifetime of entertainment and learning that sometimes gets overlooked. Rosemarie brings, not just a touch, but a cartload of magic drawn by a unicorn and covered with the high elf’s cloak. An adult bystander is easily drawn into the enchantment of her storytelling. A mere child- doesn’t stand a chance.”

A community educational foundation has had this to say: “Too often communities have powerful and talented people with an almost magical capacity to move everyone forward, but the community lacks the means to let that genie out of the bottle. Our community needs for our children to be able to read and write better than they do, and in our schools, we have a teacher who is succeeding almost universally in meeting that need. Working in a pilot program for at-risk children she has proven her talent, skill and desire to awaken children to the love of reading and writing, and to find the richness of meaning in literature – an awakening that improves their quality of life for the rest of their lives. Teachers who have seen her successes are clamoring for the set of skills she has developed and uses. Time and again, they and others have seen her techniques light a fire in the eyes of the very children they had given up on. We want to give teachers, social workers, librarians, parents, and volunteers the opportunity to learn these skills and work together to light more fires. Rosemarie Gulla’s programs hold our opportunities to move forward.”

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