A teacher whose specialty is to engage children and their families in learning started Royal Swan Enterprises, Inc., along with its imprint, Alazar Press. The ability to capture interests and imaginations, through the power of storytelling and the creative use of story and poetry, opens the door to all children.

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“Once they care, you are halfway there.”
Royal Swan Enterprises understands the need to prepare children to receive stories, words, and poems. Spending time getting to know something about a story that will be known and interesting to them is part of the approach. With the experience of working with thousands of children and hundreds of teachers, this company seeks to replicate the finest practices that allow children to learn and be nourished by the finest of stories.

“Royal Swan Enterprises brings stories to life.”
This website will offer story frameworks and resources as if the teaching were going on in a school district. The uniquely heartfelt and human approach is what differentiates this work from many other approaches. Child friendly and child appropriate ideas are at the heart of Royal Swan Enterprises as everyone is encouraged to bring stories to life through the demonstrative power of voice, gesture, emphasis, humor, rhythm and rhyme.

“Let the Wings of the Swan bring you to Lands of Enchantment.”
Royal Swan Enterprises has found that all children consume books once they are introduced to the magic inside and what the book can mean to them. Many children use anecdotal events to help them remember facts and ideas. It is helpful and fun for them to use their voices, their faces and their bodies to process information. It is one of the great powers of story to let each person hear the story in the unique way they hear it for themselves with the opportunity to make it their own. Story works within us long after the story is finished.

“Don’t leave them behind before you begin. Use what we all have in common.”
Dealing with issues of fundamental human concern brings all of us to the same starting point. Everyone relates to the human condition and this allows for solid building of context within which to set the story, the words. We may begin with the sounds within our own names, or issues of generosity, mercy or a selfish heart. Good stories often have the wisdom of the ages distilled into the story and they apply to everyone.

True Anecdote: Once upon a time, in the highest ranked poverty school in a district, a fifth grade boy became so highly regarded because he could perform poetry better than most. He had been getting all kinds of attention for less productive behavior before this. When the culture of the school embraced poetry performance, everyone there was a part of what was making poetry popular in that place. During a local radio interview this boy said that he had never known how much he liked reading and poetry books and how he wanted to learn more and more and more.

True Anecdote: In a first grade class where we had worked on reading skills using a little poetry book, Honey, I Love by Eloise Greenfield, a box of the books showed up for the class. The students were moving from learning center to learning center and when they had finished their work, they all gravitated over to the new box of books. Quietly, they each went to the new carton and took out their own copy whenever they were done their other work. Slowly, they began studying the words as they all picked their favorite poem. Soon, there was a quiet cacophony of different poems, different voices, and different places in poems throughout the room. Engaged and concentrating, time sped by as they worked out their poems each for themselves. No assignments, no instructions, they picked up that beloved book and worked things out as they had been prepared to do.

Our Mission Statement
Royal Swan Enterprises offers high quality literature and accompanying ideas in a vital and relevant manner in order to best serve the developing minds of young people. Royal Swan Enterprises acknowledges the inherent worth and dignity of all children and works to equip them with the tools of a literate and reflective society. Asserting the primacy of building true emotional engagement to learning, Royal Swan Enterprises develops books, story frameworks, methods, products and services for young learners and their families.
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